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Crowns and Bridges

Providing High-quality Crowns and Bridges in Hercules, CA

The dental office of Dr. Ashley Ho is proud to offer quality crowns and bridges for those in Hercules, CA and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing strong, natural looking, and long lasting restorations for our patients.

Our team is driven by results without ever sacrificing your comfort. Dr. Ho provides gentle dentistry in every aspect of your care, including the placement of her prosthetics.

Understanding the Traditional Restoration Process

Working with a top lab allows us to create beautiful restorations for damaged or missing teeth. At your first appointment, Dr. Ho will perform a thorough exam and obtain a precise impression of your teeth and gum contours. Using only the best material, the appropriate prosthetic is fabricated and typically ready for placement within two weeks.

Dr. Ho provides the following dental restoration choices in Hercules:

Traditional Crowns – To repair damaged teeth that cannot be restored with a simple filling we use dental crowns. These single-unit restorations are color-matched and crafted to blend seamlessly with your smile. Until your permanent crown can be incorporated into your smile, Dr. Ho provides you with a temporary.

Traditional Dental Bridges - To replace a single tooth or a short row of teeth, a traditional bridge can be used. The preparation process is similar to when receiving crowns, and two of these single unit restorations, affixed to healthy adjacent teeth are necessary to secure the bridge itself.

Traditional Dentures – To restore a complete arch of missing teeth or when many teeth have been lost throughout your smile, a full or partial denture is the simplest method to replace them. Dentures provide both aesthetic improvement and the ability to chew.

Dental Implants in Hercules

For the complete replacement of missing teeth, including the tooth roots, dental implants provide a solution that is unsurpassed by any other restoration method. Dr. Ho offers both full-size and mini dental implants in Hercules to suit your specific needs.

In the case of dental implants, crowns are secured to single titanium posts that have been surgically inserted into the jaw. This stimulates the jaw and prevents the bone loss that is associated with missing teeth leading to the appearance of premature aging. Bridges can be supported by two or more implant posts and dentures by at least four.

Dr. Ho is qualified and experienced in the science of dental implantation and works hard to keep her services affordable.

Fully Customized Restorations

Saving your natural teeth is always the main objective; but, when tooth loss does occur, our high-quality crowns and bridges can restore your smile to its former brilliance. Whether you need a damaged tooth repaired or require full-mouth reconstruction, you can count on Dr. Ashley Ho to deliver excellent results while providing the most positive experience possible.

For complete dental restoration in Hercules | Our crowns, bridges, and dentures are crafted to repair or restore your smile.

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