" Your Comfort Is Our Focus"


As a person who has had a bad experience in the past with dentist I can say that Dr. Ho is an excellent dentist that handles her patients with "kid gloves". She is a caring person, plus a very "smart" dentist. If you have children in need of dentist or if you are a adult in need of dentist that will make your experience a good one, please give Dr. Ho a try. Thank you.

Elton C., Richmond, CA

My experience with Dr. Ho and everyone at the office has been a pleasant experience (if needing to go to the dentist can be considered pleasant). Everyone is friendly and Dr. Ho is very considerate as she is working in my mouth. She makes sure I'm OK all during the procedure. This makes alot of difference when you are having work done that can be uncomfortable. I don't even cringe when I get novacaine. Other doctor's in my past have made it hurt. I would recommend Dr. Ho and her office staff to anyone I know. Thanks to all of you!!

Terry M., Hercules, CA

I absolutely love my dentist! She is very knowledgable and thorough with all her work, she makes it known that every patient of hers is under good care. After my first visit for a routine cleaning I received a call from her staff and her personally to see how I was doing. After a couple of days I received a hand written thank you card from Dr. Ho! For a busy dentist like herself to take time out of her day to write a thank you card for her patients says a lot now a days! Her staff is always friendly and helpful, most importantly I trust their honest good work on my teeth and over all health!!!

Tiffany Fong, Hercules, CA

Why not get dental implants?
Speaking from personal experience, I can think of two reasons you may not want to pursue the idea of dental implants.
The two reasons both begin with the letter P.
Price and Pain.
The good news is that as technology improves the price of an object intends to decrease.
This is true for dental implants too. If you are a "baby boomer" we remember the pain that we experienced years ago, but technology in pain management has improved greatly. Here are some benefits of dental implants. Dental implants will improve your daily life experiences. From smiling. chewing, eating and speaking. Even your facial expressions will improve.
So, if your dentist brings up the subject of dental implants, do not shut them down right away, talk with them about the new products available, the pain management techniques and payment options.
You will be glad that you did.

Elton Collins

I've been taking my family to Dr. Ho for many years and have been through a lot. Dr. Ho and her staff are gentle and always ensure I'm ok as far as discomfort. The staff has become familiar with the family on a first name basis. Comfortable waiting room with plenty to read. Good coffee and a flat screen tv if you can't or don't want to read. Dr. Ho and entire staff are very friendly and fun to talk to as if you're catching up with friends. It's a modern, clean facility with plenty of parking available. All this keeps me coming back-

Ben E

I love this place. Ive been coming here since i was a teenager. The atmosphere. The customer service/relations are always top notch with the most experienced and friendly staffed. Ive recently just came into my own insurance (fully covered here) with blue shield and even though i have moved to concord. I could not find a better dental office than here. They always have me leaving with the best smile and healthy teeth. They genuinely care about how you take care of your mouth. Dr. Ashley Ho is amazing!

Best dentist in the bay area in my opinion. And ive had multiple dentists all over! ie: oakland. El cerrito. Sf. And so forth.

If you are interested in a great dentist. Family friendly and oriented. Where the staff treats you like one of their own. This is where you need to be

Julian G